Lars Kullerud, President of the University of the Arctic

Arctic Council prepares agreement for easier international cooperation in the region

The Arctic Council is working on an agreement that will provide easier access for researchers involved in international Arctic exploration projects to the countries in the region. This was announced by Lars Kullerud, President of the University of the Arctic (Norway), on the sidelines of an international conference on the safety and sustainability of the Arctic that took place in Arkhangelsk during the fifth international meeting of the Arctic Council member state representatives.

"We are now making an agreement for easy access for researchers and students to cross the borders in international cooperation in the future," Kullerud said.

The agreement was proposed by Russia and the US, according to the President of the University of the Arctic.

"We hope it [the agreement] will be signed next year," Kullerud said.

Generally, cooperation within the Arctic Council has improved. The Arctic Council now consists of eight countries, Russia, the US, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Denmark.