Chukotka and Alaska residents to visit relatives visa-free
© RIA Novosti. Vladimir Vyatkin

Chukotka and Alaska residents to visit relatives visa-free

From July 17, 2015, the natives of Chukotka in Russia can travel to Alaska visa-free, and vice versa, the Arctic-Info news agency has reported.

The US commissioners of the Bering Straits Regional Commission have announced that they are prepared to issue supplementary passport pages (inserts) to Alaska natives who would like to visit Chukotka.

"These inserted pages are evidence that the passport bearer is a resident of an area specified in the agreement on mutual travel by residents of the Bering Strait areas: Alaska in the United States and Chukotka in Russia," said Matvei Mikhalenko, an adviser at the Chukotka Governor's International Relations Department.

Chukotka and Alaska natives can travel visa-free based on an invitation from their relatives who live in the specified areas. Under the Agreement, those who plan to visit their relatives should notify the US Chief Commissioner through the Russian Chief Commissioner, or the Russian Chief Commissioner through the US Chief Commissioner at least ten days in advance of the visit. Chukotka and Alaska residents may stay in the areas specified in the Agreement for no longer than 90 days.

The Russian border checkpoints in Chukotka are Anadyr, Provideniya, Lavrentiya and Uelen. The US border checkpoints in Alaska are Nome and Gambell.