‘Nomadic’ kindergarten opens in the Kharampurovskaya tundra
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‘Nomadic’ kindergarten opens in the Kharampurovskaya tundra

A "nomadic" kindergarten has opened at the Chebachye camp in the Kharampurovskaya tundra in the Purovsky district of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, the Yamal-Nenets government reports on its website.

The camp's inhabitants are mostly young Nenets. Fishermen from the Pyak family, who fish in the sector allotted to their clan, have proposed setting up a pre-school group for children that would migrate along with the camp. This is already the sixth "nomadic" kindergarten in the Purovsky district.

"If not for the desire on the part of the parents, nothing would have happened. This wonderful group is the result of great joint efforts that involved the heads of enterprises and education departments, both district and regional; they all contributed, since one of the main tasks the head of our region set before us is for all children, no matter where they live, to receive a full pre-school education," said Yevgeny Skryabin, head of the district administration, according to the report.

There are eight children in the group, with two Nenets-born teachers looking after them. They speak the children's native tongue and know and observe Nenets customs and traditions. Thus, the learning process takes into account the specific way of life of this small indigenous people of the North.