Vladimir Putin: LNG production in the Arctic must reach 64 mln tons per year by 2030
© RIA Novosti / Aleksandr Vil'f

Vladimir Putin: LNG production in the Arctic must reach 64 mln tons per year by 2030

LNG production in the Russian Arctic must be increased to 64 million tons per year by 2030, President Vladimir Putin noted while speaking at the plenary session of the 8th Eastern Economic Forum.

“In this regard, a principled decision was made to build new LNG lines at the Murmansk center to operate at  Arctic deposits. Naturally, this will make a great contribution to the development of our northern regions and improve Russia’s technological sovereignty,” Putin said.

There are plans to build a high-capacity LNG precessing center in the Murmansk Region as well; it will be supplied by a new gas pipeline that connects Volkhov, Murmansk and Belokamenka.

“I will not go into detail, but I very much hope that our companies, with the help of the Government, will come to an agreement among themselves regarding how and who will be engaged in the construction of this important infrastructure facility. This is very important for Murmansk and the local communities, as well as for Karelia,” the President clarified.

Vladimir Putin noted that the industry is growing and, after the successful startup of the Yamal LNG project, another large project was launched to build an LNG terminal in the polar region.

“[This is] the first technological line for the Arctic LNG 2 project. It has already been delivered to the plant site, and installation is underway,” the President added.

The line is a unique floating natural gas liquefaction facility that was designed with Russian technology and capability.