Russian Arctic to become more accessible to foreign tourists
© Irina Skalina

Russian Arctic to become more accessible to foreign tourists

The Arkhangelsk Region is considering the possibility of opening the Russian Arctic National Park on the Franz Josef Land archipelago to tourists, the press service of the Arkhangelsk Region Governor and Government is reporting

"We continue to study the possibility of opening Franz Josef Land to foreign passenger ships and the establishment of a marine checkpoint on the archipelago," Alexei Alsufyev, Arkhangelsk Region Deputy Governor for Infrastructure Development, said.

Sea cruise and cross-border ship tours are the most promising projects in tourism development in the Barents Region, Mr. Alsufyev said.

As part of the updated Kolarctic program for the European neighborhood, partnership and cross-border cooperation, an expert commission prepared a draft list of promising international infrastructure projects, including the Arkhangelsk Region's project, "Creation of Infrastructure for Developing Cross-Border Cruise Marine Products in the Barents Region." 

Another promising tourism project, Mr. Alsufyev said, is the Kirkenes-Arkhangelsk air route. Two pilot flights could be launched in 2017.