New Year tree on Alexandra Land
© Igor Kotrekhov

Franz Josef Land preparing to welcome New Year

Russian Arctic National Park staff are preparing to spend New Year in the field, the park's press service reported.

"At present, 14 state inspectors live and work at the Omega Park base station on Alexandra Land. Last year, five people spent the winter on Franz Josef Land," director of the park Roman Yershov said.

Fruit and champagne and parcels from the staff's families have been delivered to Alexandra Land. Those who happen to be off duty will celebrate at midnight. The press service pointed out that the park inspectors' chief duties are ensuring environmental compliance on the grounds of the Franz Josef Land federal reserve and protecting construction workers employed by the Defense Ministry from Polar bears.

According to Mikhail Korelsky, the chief inspector of environmental protection, Omega staff have decorated the New Year tree that has been at the station since last year when they celebrated New Year for the first time.