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Chukotka to host Erak-Or 2016 annual reindeer sled race
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Chukotka to host Erak-Or 2016 annual reindeer sled race

On March 5-6, the village of Kanchalan in the Chukchi Autonomous Area will host the Erak-Or 2016 reindeer sled race, reports the regional website.

Ivilina Kelek, Deputy Chief of the Directorate for Small Indigenous Chukchi Ethnic Groups, said the races aim to promote reindeer breeding traditions among young people, to reinstate fairs and the above reindeer sled racing events, and to expand cooperation between reindeer breeders in various Chukchi Peninsula districts.

"Eighteen sleds from the Kanchalanskaya, Ust-Belskaya, Amguemskaya and Konerginskaya tundra regions are scheduled to take part in the men's and women's events thus far. Male and female sled drivers will race 15 and 10 km to the finish line, respectively," she said.

Other ethnic sports events include a poll walking race, a tug of war, ethnic wrestling and long-distance knee jumping. Amateur bands will perform, and a fair offering reindeer and marine mammal meat will be available.

This is the second Erak-Or reindeer sled race. The first race was held in March 2015 in the village of Kanchalan, with Stepan Tegrynkeu and Natalia Einenny from the village of Amguema winning it.