Yamal offers special Arctic tours
© RIA Novosti. Mihail Mokrushin

Yamal offers special Arctic tours

The Yamal tourist industry is now staking on inbound tourism. Alexei Sitnikov, Secretary of the Yamal-Nenets branch of the United Russia party, said the region had prepared tours for local residents and other tourists wishing to explore the Arctic.

"Due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the Federal Agency for Tourism is advising travel agencies to change their activities. This year, Yamal will stake on Arctic tourism, including guided tours, fishing, rafting, mountain climbing and ethnic tours," Sitnikov noted.

Earlier, United Russia party's Chairman Dmitry Medvedev announced a number of initiatives on measures to expand inbound tourism and to support the tourist industry. He suggested introducing special economic regimes that would assist travel agencies, ‘leasing holidays' that would help retain their vehicle fleets and establishing consumer cooperatives for a new infrastructure.

Dmitry Medvedev also dwelt on support for the tourist industry's non-profit organizations. He believes that they should receive assistance, namely, state funding.

"The organization of children's leisure is one of the useful services that such organizations can provide. I believe that we should discuss and assess this matter. It is possible to provide state support, let's discuss these opportunities involving state-level funds," he said.

Dmitry Medvedev also said it was necessary to protect those people who cannot use tourist vouchers during the pandemic because of inadequate guarantees.

The sector needs unprecedented and unconventional support measures, Dmitry Medvedev said in conclusion. We need to maintain a balance between business demands and the government's capabilities, he added.

"I have visited the regions and seen the achievements of the tourist industry that created jobs there. All this is in jeopardy today. Let's try and chart feasible but absolutely unconventional measures for supporting the sector which would otherwise fail to rise from its knees," Medvedev noted.