Nenets Autonomous Area catches 14,000 tons of fish in 2015
© RIA Novosti. Vadim Zhernov

Nenets Autonomous Area catches 14,000 tons of fish in 2015

In 2015, commercial companies, local dwellers, recreational and amateur fishermen caught about 14,000 metric tons of fish in the Nenets Autonomous Area's inland water bodies and on the high seas, reports the area's state agencies website.

Vessels of the Nenets Union of Fishing Cooperatives caught over 13,700 metric tons of fish, including cod, haddock, mackerel, capelin and herring, in the Barents Sea. The Andeg, Lenin, Rodina (Motherland) and Kharp fishing cooperatives caught 6.1 metric tons of salmon in line with regional quotas.

In all, over 192 metric tons of navaga (a type of cod), pike, whitefish, peled, cisco, roach and other fish were caught by commercial companies in the region's lakes and rivers.

Members of indigenous Arctic ethnic groups caught over 22 metric tons of fish in the area's inland water bodies. Traditionally, local communities catch pike, cisco and peled. In 2015, amateur fishermen caught 4.8 metric tons of cisco, salmon and whitefish.

Last year, the area's Department of Natural Resources, Environment and the Agro-Industrial Sector signed 868 contracts for the use of water biological resources with companies and self-employed business persons fishing in inland lakes and rivers. Amateur fishermen bought 1,815 fishing licenses. The Fishery Agency of the Arkhangelsk Region issued seven licenses to local communities and 150 traditional fishing licenses to fishermen who belong to local indigenous ethnic groups.