Fish catch restrictions to be introduced for indigenous peoples of the North
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Fish catch restrictions to be introduced for indigenous peoples of the North

Fish catch restrictions are expected to be introduced for indigenous peoples of the North in the Nenets Autonomous Area in 2016, Arctic-Info reported.

At present, there are no restrictions in the region as regards the locations, timing and fishing gear for catching aquatic biological resources.

Indigenous peoples have the right to fish along the entire Pechora River at any time of the year and using any fishing gear.

In recent years, the volume of fishing has risen sharply to 231.2 tons in 2015. This means that each representative of the indigenous peoples in the Nenets Autonomous Area accounts for an average of 9.59 tons of fish per year, or over 26 kilos per day.

The recommended intake of fish and seafood for the average Russian is 24 kilos per year. According to the local law On the Consumer Basket, the consumption volume for the able-bodied population is 43 kilos of fresh fish and 1 kilo of herring per year.

At the same time, poachers take advantage of the right to uncontrolled fishing. As a cover, they take along with them some representatives of indigenous minorities who do not own nets or boats.

"We all understand that this is only one such case when representatives of indigenous peoples become so-called ‘fish rentiers.' Ultimately, this may lead to a situation when in three to four years' time there won't be any fish left in the Pechora River. So, today, the department is suggesting to set reasonable quotas for fish catches for the indigenous peoples, sufficient to maintain their traditional way of life," Oleg Belak, the deputy governor of the Nenets Autonomous Area and the head of the Department of Natural Resources, said.

The department has drafted a document setting limits on fishing for the indigenous peoples. Thus, the annual volume of aquatic biological resources for a single person will amount to 112 kilos in the Pechora River and 115 kilos in other rivers and lakes. In addition, fishing will only be allowed at four sectors instead of the entire river.