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Kolguyev Island to get rid of scrap metal
© RIA Novosti. Pavel Lisitsin

Kolguyev Island to get rid of scrap metal

Scrap metal will be removed from Kolguyev Island and the town of Amderma in the Nenets Autonomous Area, reports the local government's press service. Special equipment and waste-disposal systems have arrived in the area. This project is part of Russia's Year of the Environment.

The waste removal program does not include budget funding. "A private company is collecting and recycling the waste. Local residents are also involved in the project. For them, it is a chance to gain benefit and make a contribution, to reclaim their land and to find employment," Nenets Autonomous Area Governor Igor Koshin noted.

In 2016, workers removed scrap metal from Naryan-Mar and the town of Iskateli, and they also completed a technical and biological reclamation project in several Cape Sinkin Nos areas.