Documentary on 1917 Finnish expedition to be shot in Chukotka
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Documentary on 1917 Finnish expedition to be shot in Chukotka

Finnish documentary film makers plan to shoot a film about famous explorer Sakari Palsi's expedition to Chukotka a hundred years ago. Beringiya National Park, the setting of the film, released this statement.

In 1917, Sakari Palsi, a Finnish ethnographer, archaeologist, traveler and author, shot a film in Chukotka about the daily life of its indigenous population and nature. The new documentary about Palsi's expedition, "Traveling in the Arctic," will take audiences to settlements on Dezhnyova Cape, the Uelen Settlement, Provideniya Bay, the Novo-Mariinsk Station — today known as the town of Anadyr — and the Bering Sea, showing the daily life of the Сhukchi and the Eskimo people. Researches have published several books about his journey.   

Palsi's original film was lost after WWII, but rediscovered in 1976, after the explorer's death. Parts of the film were missing; however, specialists have managed to restore 30 minutes worth.   

"We plan to start at Provideniya Bay and sail toward the settlement of Lavrentiya, so that at least part of the journey takes place by ship, the way Sakari Palsi did it," said film director Kira Jaaskelainen and cameraperson Joona Pettersson at a meeting with Provideniya residents. "Then we'll go to Dezhnyova Cape in the north. Unfortunately, the settlements of Dezhnyovo and Naukan that Palsi filmed do not exist anymore but we'll try to find older residents who remember the old settlements. Of course, our film will also show life in Chukotka today."  

The film will be released in January 2018. It will be transferred to the archives of Beringiya Park and the Provideniya Village museum.