Moscow school students to set out on ski expedition to the Arctic
© RIA Novosti. Vladimir Astapkovich

Moscow school students to set out on ski expedition to the Arctic

In April, under the guidance of famous traveler Matvei Shparo, school students from Moscow will set out on a ski expedition to the North Pole, reported the press service of the Travel Laboratory.

The expedition will be held as part of the new Big Arctic Expedition educational project, which has already brought together over 800 Moscow school students.

"On March 16, 40 participants in the Big Arctic Expedition will go to Karelia for the Pole Calls! training camp," the report states. "This will be the final qualifying stage for one of the main expedition parties, which will get to ski to the North Pole this April."

Representatives of the Travel Laboratory explained that the party will follow a difficult route that runs through the winter taiga, in an environment close to that of the Arctic region, and take physiological and psychological tests to earn their right to participate in this difficult ski expedition.

"The most important thing is to dream," the report stated, citing Matvei Shparo. "The girls and boys who determined to undertake this difficult journey are very diverse, but they have one thing in common — all of them are dreamers. If you have the right goal, you can overcome anything and learn anything, and our expedition clearly illustrates that."