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The Arctic exhibit opens at the Museum of Moscow

A unique multimedia exhibit about the Arctic has opened at the Museum of Moscow. The opening ceremony on November 21 was attended by Sergei Donskoi, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia.

"We are grateful to the management of the Museum of Moscow, the organizers of the Arctic Days in Moscow forum, and all those who have supported us all this time. It's very important that we see the Arctic not as our future, but also as our present, the time in which we live and a place we've always aspired to visit," Sergei Donskoi said.

The exhibit includes installations of underwater life in the Arctic and photographs by members of Arctic expeditions.

"I love to visit the Arctic. I love its nature and people. I have lots of friends in Salekhard, Naryan-Mar and Nadym," said Sergei Mak, a member of several Arctic expeditions who submitted photographs for the exhibit.

The exhibit will run until January 8.