Floating University sets sail to Arctic
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Floating University sets sail to Arctic

The Arctic Floating University research expedition organized by the Northern Federal University has set sail today from Arkhangelsk on its seventh voyage to the Arctic, the Russian Arctic National Park's press service reports.

Students will visit the Russian Arctic National Park and Franz Josef Land Federal Nature Reserve, where they will be accompanied by two Russian Arctic employees. According to the park's director, Viktor Kuznetsov, lectures will be held on the Arctic, Novaya Zemlya and Franz Josef Land, while the students will learn about the history of the exploration of the archipelagoes, their denizens, and the work that the national park is conducting on the islands.

The expedition's vessel Professor Molchanov will take the following route: Arkhangelsk-Solovetsky Islands-Kolguyev Island-Cape Bely Nos-Varnek Village-Fyodorov Meteorological Polar Station-Russian Haven (Novaya Zemlya)-Cape Zhelaniya (Novaya Zemlya)-Champ Island (Franz Josef Land)-Heiss Island (Franz Josef Island)-Hooker Island- Sosnovets Island.

The Floating University will return to Arkhangelsk on July 22.

The expedition will comprise 58 people from Russia, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Brazil and Canada.

Participants will conduct comprehensive monitoring of Arctic tundra vegetation, study the Russian Arctic National Park's historical and cultural heritage, and assess the pollution on the islands, where efforts were made to clean up accumulated waste. They will also study biodiversity at Novaya Zemlya and Franz Josef Land and the surrounding waters.

The Arctic Floating University is an educational project aimed at promoting Russia's research in the Arctic and training specialists for working in the north.

The university's first expedition took place in 2012.